Tomorrow is our final day and I don’t want it to end. Each day I have lost track of time in either the boat or lecture room of the darkened John Dalton workshop. Each hour racing by as if minutes. Time flying as I get into discussions, answer questions, talk about physics and give science boat tours. Not my normal 9 ’til 5, not that it even exists for physicists.

IMG 3702 330x219 1Once more to the boat, once more to the talk. Once more to tentative audiences hanging on my words, surprised and amazed with the booooum and the light. Once more I will miss my lunch, forget my hunger and push on through. Once more I will have the privilege to talk of ghosts, faster than light and the creation of it all.

Once more I will wear my white Tyvek suit. Come and join us before we are gone.

Dr Ben Still

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