And so ends a long weekend. Long but rewarding. I have had an incredible amount of fun talking about science with many different people this weekend. I have received some brilliant questions. Taken members of the public to a mine underneath a mountain in the West of Japan. Discussed the life and death of stars, the creation of the entire visible Universe and the symmetrical laws that govern it. All of this from a disused workshop in Manchester.

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From a girlfriend surprising their boyfriend to families on a day out, all seem enthralled by the sights, sounds, atmosphere and science of Super K Sonic Booooum. Wowed by the experience all seem to discover something new about the Universe in which they live. Maybe the fact that it is all made from just twelve building blocks or that light travels slower in water than in air. Whatever the message taken away I hope it raises questions, questions that were not there before.

Three more days and I hope many more questions and intrigued people to follow.

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