Top 3 unsolved problems in physics

Scientists are best known to solve problems in the universe. Always thinking about the mysteries and trying to find a solution. Do you have a question? Chances are that you might find answer around you Thanks to brilliant mind ceaselessly unravelling the mysterious of our world.

But what if I tell you, that presently there are dozens of problems which even these brillant scientists cannot solve. These problems are nightmare for them and we are still very far away from these mysteries to be unveiled. Let us discuss 3 such unsolved problems in physics.

Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is a mystery in its own sense but it is the interpretation that has made physicists lose their patience. According to Copenhagen interpretation, the quantam particle can exists in several states at the same time.

This property is called the Superposition Principal and any quantum particle tends to be in the phase of super position. This is mathematically denoted by wave function, but when a conscious observer observes the quantam partical the wave function collapses and we get to know a particular state of the partical.

But mathematically quantum mechanics doesn’t allow any particular state of the particle to reach zero and thus mathematically wave function collapse is not possible. On the other hand, Hugh Everett proposed his “Many world Interpretation” that no state of a quantum particle collapses but as soon as an observer observes it, the whole of reality breaks into multiple components. So if Schrodinger’s cat is alive in this world.

When we open the box it is dead in the Parallel universe Copenhagen interpretation is still the most popular of the two but Many World Interpretation is gaining popularity these days. Which one is true? I will leave it to your interpretation.

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Fate of the Universe

We are living in this cosmos that started with a big bang and is expanding ever since. But how will the Universe end? Will it be expanding eternally? There are three most accepted fates of the Universe- Big Crunch, Big Rip, Big Bounce.

The Big Crunch hypothesis proposes that as cosmos started with a singular point in space and time, it will end similarly with a singular point in space-time. This case is possible only when the energy of the universe reaches above the critical energy and universe will reverse its expansion thus starts to contract.

If the dark energy of the universe keeps on increasing as the experimental results of 1998 research on the expansion of the universe show, then in the far future, universe expanding at an accelerated stage will rip everything apart, every galaxy to mere elementary particles Big Bounce explains that universe after going through a contraction phase will re-bounce again and starts to expand With a new beginning.

Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry

The Big bang theory proposes that the universe was created ex-nihilo, meaning that the Universe was created from nothing During the big bang, postive and negative partical were created equally so ultimately whole energy density of the universe is still zero.

When Positive and Negative particles meet toghether, theu annihilate and produce radiation So why we perceive, postive matter only not the negative one? Why not they combine toghether and leave the cosmos full of radiation?

The hypothesis proposed isthat there was very little inequality present in the production of baryon and anti-baryon.

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