Creative Director/Designer of Super K Sonic Boooum:

*Nelly Ben Hayoun, assisted by Dr Marieke Navin, Science Communicator for Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, and Dr Ben Still, Physicist at Queen Mary University of London.

Performer/ Physicists:

*Prof. Dave Wark Professor of Physics Imperial College London

*Mr George Christdoulou PhD Student University of Liverpool

*Dr Ben Still, Research Associate Queen Mary, University of London

*Dr Ryan Terri, Research Associate Queen Mary, University of London

*Dr Matthew Mallek Research Associate Imperial College London

*Dr Tim Nicholls Research Associate STFC Rutherford Appleton Lab

*Dr Phill Litchfield Research Associate University of Warwick

*Dr Jeanne Wilson Lecturer Queen Mary, University of London

*Dr Francesca Di Lodovico Reader in Particle Physics Queen Mary, University of London

*Dr Yoshi Uchida Senior Lecturer Imperial College London

*Dr Iain Bertram Senior Lecturer Lancaster University

*Dr Steve Boyd Senior Lecturer University of Warwick

* ‘Dr Antonin Vacheret, Research Associate, Imperial College London

*Dr Jonathan Perkin, High Energy Physics group, University of Sheffield.

*Miss Melissa George, PhD Student Queen Mary, University of London

*Mr Patrick Masliah PhD Student Imperial College London

*Miss Rebekah Smith PhD Student Oxford University

Technical Manager:

*Andrea Salazar assisted by Lee Jones and Hugo Sterk

Graphic Designer:

Nicolas Myers

Exhibition and Catalogue Designer:

Cathrine Kramer

Production Manager:

*Becky Bolton

Production Co-ordinator:

*Thomas Thwaites

Sound Artist:

*Tim Olden

Press Director:

*Anna Larkin